Quality management

Together with you, we define the extent of the services you wish us to implement. You will then receive a sound offer which is presented as a modular unit system according to your operative and budget-related requirements.

The modules of the KHC QM programme:


Step 1: Actual analysis

Following coordination of the test criteria, we carry out an anonymous hotel test (mystery check) in the hotel (refer to quality audits for detailed information). Through the evaluation process and as seen from the perspective of the guest, you receive a clear reflection of the services rendered by the hotel. Through this process, the operative weaknesses and strengths of your hotel team are determined. Upon request, we also present the results to the management.

Step 2: Internal analysis

In accordance with the pre-determined contract, our team investigates the background and reasons for the weaknesses indicated in step 1 in a very detailed internal analysis. In this process, the workflows as well as the communication and documentation culture of the hotel are examined, analysed and recorded. Hardware-related deficits are also pinpointed.

Step 3: QM measures

Your further QM care will also be individually coordinated to suit your needs as in the above steps. It is up to you whether you want us to develop quality manuals for you or simply support you in the preparation and introduction of your operations and further assist in any supervision. Our spectrum of services ranges from initiating quality work groups, drawing up news letters for employees, in-house training measures, the analysis of guest/employee survey questionnaires and finally to interim management.