On the Job Coaching Programme for the Housekeeping Team


During the past 20 years the KHC team has audited and classified more than 3.000 hotels.


The department that was the major cause for concern in so many cases was housekeeping. The reasons for which are manifold, yet the same concerns can be found in so many properties. For example:

  • Language Barriers and Untrained Staff
  • Little or no induction
  • Insufficient Training and Control
  • Bad Time Management
  • Disheartened Team due to inferior Management Practises
  • Poor or Absent Documentation
  • Substandard Communication
  • Unfitting or Defect Cleaning Equipment
  • Incorrect use of Cleaning Materials
  • Recurrent Change of Staff and Drained Knowledge Transfer

Classical training solutions to combat for these types of shortcomings is rarely effective bringing about little or no real change.


Due to this reason, we decided to develop our On the Job Coaching Programme for the Housekeeping Team, which dependant on the size of property, number of outlets, number and qualification of staff and deficiencies present, can be adapted to meet your requirements.


At your property our Coach would observe and analyse the processes in practice by the housekeeping staff in order to ascertain a programme and recommend the scope of services we believe necessary. This information would be presented to the GM, who in turn would decide on the extent of the coaching process to be provided.


Ideally, in order to perform the situation analysis, we would recommend gathering information via a mystery-check, however, guest-feedback details and data gathered from the hotels complaint management would also suffice.



Housekeeping Training Topics

  • Daily duties during guest room housekeeping
  • Optimisation of housekeeping workflow
  • Housekeeping performance control
  • Basic cleaning of living room
  • Basic cleaning of bathroom
  • Toilet cleanliness according to hygiene guidelines
  • Housekeeping “Do’s and Don’ts”. Suitable interaction with house guests / complaint handling
  • Equipping of floor-keeping offices, utility- or laundry rooms, stores and housekeeping trolley/cart
  • Proper use of housekeeping equipment and tools (cloths, sponges, mops, acids and other basic cleaning materials and liquids)
  • Inspection of equipment and devices taking cost-effectiveness and sustainability in to account
  • Proper care and maintenance of equipment
  • Training principles (demonstrate, imitate, develop)
  • Cleaning of crockery and glassware in guest rooms
  • Stain removal (textiles, upholstery, various floor coverings) and effecting small repairs
  • Window cleaning in accordance with REFA Guidelines (REFA = Germany's leading organization in work design, industrial organization and company development)
  • Ergonomic linen changes and diverse bed presentation possibilities
  • Guest supply presentation (towels, additional bedding, bathrobes etc.)
  • Cleaning and replenishment of mini-bars
  • Hygienic cleaning regimes and equipment preservation in health and spa facilities (saunas, sunbeds, swimming-pools, changing facilities)
  • Creation and updating Quality-Management Guidelines (Standard Operating Procedures)